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May calls in 20,000 soldiers to replace the 20,000 police she cut

Prime Minister Theresa May has called in 20,000 soldiers to replace the 20,000 police officers she has cut from duty.

She told reporters that it was cheaper to use the soldiers since they already on the government’s payroll.

A spokeswoman told WalesOnCraic:

“Mrs May is committed to providing a strong and stable whatever-it’s-called. She has figured that replacing the 20,000 police officers with soldiers means that she can save paying 20,000 police officers a wage while still maintaining some kind of security for our lovely country. It also means that the men and women who are now patrolling our streets also get big guns, which makes our government look strong and stable. I’ll repeat that phrase once again because we love it so much – strong and stable. Strong and stable. I’ll keep on repeating it until it’s burnt into your brain. Strong and stable.”

A soldier said:

“Just doing my job.”

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