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Market jitters over the price of Freddo bars as Theresa May triggers Brexit

The city has reacted with nervousness about the price of Freddo bars following Theresa May’s announcement that she is to trigger Brexit.

There are real fears that leaving the EU could see Freddo bars being priced at 30p each.

One shopper told WalesOnCraic:

“I voted for Brexit but I never thought that anything like this could happen. I voted for it because I believed what someone somewhere wrote on the side of a bus. I’m starting to regret it now. Who’d have thought that the price of Freddos could be threatened like this?”

One politician said:

“To be quite frank, we’ve got no real idea what we’re doing. I think if we trigger Article 50, whatever that is, something will happen and the UK will move west out towards Ireland. Is that right? I think I’ve got that right. And would you like a Freddo bar? I’ve stocked up on them in case the price goes up. I can do you two for 50p. How about that?”

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