Man’s Netflix Channel Suggested He ‘Get Off His Fat, Lazy Arse And Do Something With His Life’

A North Wales mad had the shock of his life when his Netflix channel suggested that he ‘get his lazy fat arse off the sofa and go do something constructive with his life’.

Gwyn TripleGunt, was watching an episode of Breaking Bad when he got the announcement. He told WalesOnCraic:

“Usually at the end of an episode, it suggests something else for me to watch. You can imagine my surprise when it disrespected me and told me to basically get a life. Worse thing was, it was all in capital letters, like as if it was shouting at me. I’d just sat down with a Papa John’s pizza. You can imagine my shame. I thought I was on that Jeremy Beadle show for a few minutes but then I remembered that he died a few years ago.”

Gwyn has since gone onto set up his own multi-national company that is set to eradicate world poverty once and for all.

“In a way, it was a good thing because now I wouldn’t be a multi-billionaire with five yachts and three planes. It all happens for a reason as they say.”

Netflix provided no comment on the story, mainly because we never asked them anything.

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