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Man watches paint dry as Manchester United draw at Newcastle

A man has spent the evening watching paint dry as Manchester United played away to Newcastle United.

Jim Bloat spent the 90 minutes watching a tin of Dulux ‘Jasmine Shimmer’ drying on his living room wall. Manchester struggled to nick the game from struggling Newcastle around the same time.

Jim told WalesOnCraic:

“Yeah so I was going to watch the footie on the telly and then I decided that I needed to paint the wall so I opened the tin of paint and started painting the wall and then I stopped for a bit to have a cup of tea and then I carried on for a bit and then after a while, I stopped. The footie was on in the background but I’m not sure who won. I think they both did.”

Manchester have struggled to maintain their glorious form lately, with even their own manager calling them ‘boring’.

Jim is hoping to visit Lidl tomorrow to buy some bleach to clean his toilet.

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