Man Watches Paint Dry As England Beat Fiji In World Cup Opener

A man has watched paint dry in his living room as England beat Fiji in the Rugby World Cup opener.

Dennis Boakes painted his living room a pale shade of magnolia. Elsewhere, former World Cup winners England beat a spirited Fijian side.

Dennis told WalesOnCraic:

“My wife’s been on at me for months to paint the wall. I sat down at 6.45 to watch the opening ceremony but by 6.50, I was cracking open the Dulux and getting my brushes out. It only took me an hour to paint and there were some highlights while I watched it dry – at one point, a Daddy Longlegs came wobbling into the room. I thought he was going to land on my wet paint but my wife twatted him with a slipper and that was that.”

At Twickenham, England managed to obtain maximum points from their pool game, beating the South Pacific islanders with some dazzling, and at times, breathtaking rugby.

Dennis is currently soaking his brushes in a glass in his kitchen.


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