Man utters ‘Well summer was good while it lasted’ for 5th time this week

A man in Wales has once again uttered the words ‘Well summer was good while it lasted’ for the fifth time this week after the sun is blocked by some clouds.

Office worked Daniel Mayweather was heard uttering the phrase throughout the week and after hearing it for the fifth time this week, his colleague Sandra Sandles got in touch with WalesOnCraic to voice her concerns.

“Daniel isn’t actually a weatherman,” Sandra told us “but the first time he announced the end of summer, I thought he was telling the truth! After the third time though I knew something wasn’t quite right. Daniel’s frequently announcing to whole office when the sun goes behind a bit of cloud ‘that was summer then’ or ‘it’ll be good next year I’m sure’. He doesn’t seem to realise that it’ll be summer until the start of September and chances are we’ll have a few more mildly warm days between now and then.” Sandra went on to tell us about Daniels’ persistent calling of Wednesday ‘hump day’, and spending more time watching the clock on the wall than actually doing any work over the course of a day.

Sandra finished the interview by summarising what she thought of Daniel:

“He’s just a bit of a knob really.”

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