Man takes month off work to take delivery of wife’s internet orders

A Cardiff man has taken the rest of the year off work to make sure he’s in when his wife’s internet orders arrive.

Jimmy Blundergunt says that it will help his relationship as his wife always gets stressed when her deliveries go back to the Post Office.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“My job’s shit anyway so I don’t mind staying home. The problem is that my missis has ordered so much shit that I’m struggling to keep up. It all started when I missed the delivery man because I was upstairs changing the duvet. When I came downstairs, I noticed a card saying that I’d missed my delivery so the next day, I went to the sorting office to collect it and then found three more cards saying that I’d missed more deliveries when I got back. There’s all sorts arriving at my house and the bin man’s going to have a heart attack when he sees the amount of cardboard boxes I’ve got for him on Monday.”

Wife Sandra does all her Christmas shopping on her break at work. She told WalesOnCraic:

“I do all my Christmas shopping on my break at work.”

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