Man slightly impresses Facebook friends by doing 22 press ups

A man from Trehafod has slightly impressed his friends by posting a video of himself doing 22 press ups.

The latest Facebook challenge is designed to raise awareness of how many press ups people on Facebook can do.

The man, who didn’t want to be named said:

“It’s all for a good cause. I can do 22 press ups, the same as some of my other mates who are doing the same thing. It’s all for a good cause and I intend to do this for 22 days because it’s all for a good cause. That means that over the course of 22 days, I’ll do (*incoherent mumbling) lots of press ups. It’s ok because it’s all for a good cause.”

His wife said:

“I’m looking forward to Day 23 of his press up challenge.”

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