Man raises £3.57 by doing 100 laps to his fridge and back

A man from Tonyrefail has raised £3.57 by walking to his kitchen and back 100 times.

Ronald Tightnuts combined his charity event with a night of getting pissed.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’ve been inspired by the people I’ve seen on the news, raising money and that. I’d been travelling to my fridge so often these last few weeks that I wondered if I could have helped raise money for charity. So the other day, I told all my friends that I intended doing 100 laps from my settee to the fridge. I then asked them for money. I prepared for the event by doing some practice laps which went well. Then I sent my misses up to the shops to get me some beers and food. When the big day itself arrived, I got up early and started my trek. It only took me a few hours to get my 100 laps in and I included visits to the shitter too because I was drinking so much beer. I’d like to thank all my friends and family for their support and I’m happy to announce that all proceeds will go to the NHS.”

Ronald is planning a similar event next week. His daughter Tracy donated the £3.57.

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