Man plans to complete Stoptober by sleeping for an entire month

A man from Pontypool is aiming to complete Stoptober’s no-smoking challenge by sleeping for a month.

Al Keygit, a self-employed gynaecologist has promised to stay off the beer throughout the month when not awake, which he estimates to be an impressive 248 hours.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I can definitely see the health benefits of staying sober for October, but I like few pints with the boys, so I came up with this idea. Best of both worlds see but? What I’ll probably do it get totally shit-faced at the end of September, take a few of those magic sleeping pills and go to bed. If I wake up, I’ll get my missis to ply me with more beer and tablets and we’ll take it from there.”

Al plans to give any money he saves to charity although he may keep some back to buy some fags in November.

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