Man moves out of home to make room for wife’s handbags

A man from Pontardawe has been evicted from his own home to make room for his wife’s handbags.

Jonathan Saddo was told to pack up his belongings and get out by his wife Tiffany on the weekend.

Jonathan told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s been getting more and more of a struggle these last few years as the house has been filling up with these bags bit by bit. Last month, I was forced to sleep on the floor in our bedroom because she insisted on sleeping with her new handbags. Things came to a head last weekend when she went to town and came back with a taxi full of handbags. I told her it was either them or me so I had to go get my bags and pack them full of my stuff. I’d like to see how she manages without me – I can’t see any of her new bags making her coffee in the morning or putting her bins out on a Thursday night.”

Tiffany explained her love of handbags, adding:

“Sometimes I’m fat and sometimes I’m skinny. Handbags fit me all year round.”

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