Man mistakes 5k challenge for eating contest


An already fat man from Llantwit Major has made himself ill after accepting the 5k challenge from his mate online.

Phil Llantwit, no relation, took advantage of the reduced price Easter Eggs in his local shop and went on to devour 5 kilos of chocolate in one sitting.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I started eating them at 11:35am. By 2pm, I was feeling a bit sick. By 3pm I was feeling a bit more sick,” he told WalesOnCraic in an exclusive interview.

“I tried to mix it up a bit, like I stopped eating the Mars one for a bit and moved onto the Kinder Surprise one,” said Llantwit via Skype from his outside toilet. “But I didn’t know it came with a toy inside. So as well as the chocolate I ate a mini Superman figure.”

Not wanting to let himself or the family down, Llantwit continued eating until he had completed the whole 5 kilos.

An NHS spokesperson has advised the general public against copying Llantwit.

Dr Ivor Nurse told WalesOnCraic:

“Whilst we appreciate the dedication and the effort, Mr Llantwit really is a bit of a knob.”

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