Man jinxes weekend weather by going out and buying a barbeque

A man has jinxed the Welsh weekend weather by going out and buying himself a barbeque from B&Q.

Simon Dickhead thought he could take the opportunity to sit on his arse and relax for the day but the wet weather now means that his wife has him doing the chores he was hoping to avoid.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“For once, I thought I could sit down, have something to eat and maybe have a beer. I went to B&Q to get myself a lovely big barbeque this morning and as soon as I got home, it started pissing down. My barbeque is still in its box in my car. Meanwhile, my wife has got me putting up the new blinds she bought from Poundland last week. Later on, I’ll be fixing the curtain pole and then going shopping for soft furnishings. This isn’t how I was hoping my day would turn out. I feel very sad.”

His wife, Glenda said:

“He thought he was going to have a barbeque did he? Haha. How funny.”

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