Man honours VE Day by grinding metal and using power tools in his garden

A man from Cardiff is honouring VE Day today by grinding metal and using loud power tools in his garden.

Simon Skinnyballs is currently constructing a shed in his garden, something he’s been doing for the past three years.

One neighbour told WalesOnCraic:

“He’s out at 7am grinding metal and using loud power tools until about 9pm. After he’s finishing grinding metal, he goes around his garden, hammering any old shit that he’s got there. He likes sound. I think he’s a fan of it. And he’s been up extra early today to honour VE Day. He was up at 6am trimming his hedge with his petrol-powered hedge trimmer. And by 9am, he was shouting at his teenage son, calling him a dickhead. Later on, we can expect him to be using his power chisel to break up his patio and by 5pm, we can expect him to be lighting a barbeque and putting on Def Leppard for the night.”

Skinnyballs is constructing a shed where he can do some roly-polies in the hope of gaining muscle mass.

“I just can’t put on any weight so I’m building a shed to be proud of. My neighbours love me.”

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