Man gets pneumonia after accidentally injecting himself with 5G

A man from Newport has contracted pneumonia just days after accidentally injecting himself with 5G.

Jason Jaycloth is on the road to recovery but blames China for the disease that hospitalised him.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“They’ve been building 5G masts near the back of my house and last week, I went down there in the night to see if everyone was right about them giving people coronavirus. When I got there, there was a hedgehog, who said that he felt a bit weird – a bit of a tickly cough and a slight fever. I went home and thought nothing of it. The next day, my mate comes over and says he’s got some 5G in a jar. Said he got it from his mate down the pub, and asked me if I fancied smacking up on it. I was thinking about it but before I knew it, I’d accidentally injected myself with some and I instantly fell ill. The pink elephant in the room told me not to tell anyone so I kept quiet for a few days but I got so bardies that I had to go to hospital, where I got pneumonia. I was ok. I had a few more pills and the doctors gave me some more injections although I think they were giving me the less lethal 4G, which counteracts the 5G. I’m fine now anyway and I’m at home watching Cash in the Attic.”

Mr Jeycloth said he will be warning people about the dangers of 5G in a video that he’s making next week.

“People don’t understand the dangers of 5G. Look what happened to me. I blame China.”

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