Man films half hour firework display that he’s never going to watch again

A man from Rhyl has filmed a half hour firework display that he will never watch again.

Gordon GrimGrits also uploaded the film to Facebook but so far, it is yet to claim any ‘likes’.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“It was an awesome display. These fireworks went ‘whooosh’, right up into the air. I grabbed my phone straight away and started filming. I knew my friends had to see this impressive display. I stood there until the final firework off and then put my phone away. It was brilliant. There were big boomy ones, little screechy ones and even some that didn’t make any sound at all. I probably won’t watch it again though if I’m honest as I’ve already seen it.”

Facebook friend Donna TurboTits said:

“I saw his video on Facebook but skipped past it as there were other posts of more interest.”

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