Man fights polar bear for last pasty in Cardiff Coop

A man from Cardiff has fought off a polar bear to take home the last pasty from a local shop.

Gary Icyballs said that the gloves were off when he reached for the last pasty at the same time as the polar bear.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I was in the Coop because they’re the only shop that’s had the balls to stay open. I was starving hungry and by sheer chance, I happened to spot a pasty at the back of the shelf. My heart leapt and before I knew it, I was reaching in to grab it. Unbeknown to me, a polar bear had wandered into the shop and had spotted the same pasty. We both reached for it at the same time but I was having none of it. I swung at him with a string of onions and it caught him clean on the jaw. Staggering, he then went for me. Luckily, I there was a tin of Macaroni cheese to my right so I swiped that and it flew off the shelf, knocking the bear to the floor. Enraged, he pounced on me. I landed a few blows of my own, but I snuck the pasty up my jumper and dashed the counter. Quickly, I paid for my pasty and fled down the street. I didn’t see the bear again.”

Store manager Chris Cross said:

“Yeah we saw it on CCTV later. Laughed our arses off. What they didn’t know was that we had loads of pasties out the back.”

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