Man entertains lockdown neighbours with sounds of power tools and shit music

A man from Cardiff has kept his neighbours entertained during the lockdown by supplying them with the never-ending sound of power tools and shit music.

Kenny Twatface gave his neighbours the delight of being woken to the sound of his metal grinder at 7am, and later plied them with music of questionable taste in his garden.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re all a bit bored during this lockdown so I thought I’d keep my neighbours entertained in the best way I could. I got up nice and early so that they could hear me grinding some metal this morning. I kept that up for a few hours because they love it. After lunch then, I brought by ghetto blaster out from the attic and put on some shit music, which I kept playing until the early hours of this morning. I’ll be doing the same tomorrow, as long as the demand is there. I know some people have had it hard being locked in their houses and it’s only right that I help out where I can.”

Kenny also said that he’s thinking of buying some dogs that he can put in the garden.

“They can bark all day non-stop then. People love all that kind of stuff,” he added.

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