Man celebrates saving life of stricken bird with a night out in Nandos

A man who saved the life of a stricken bird has celebrated his achievement with a night out in Nando’s.

Fireman Gary Dickwad saved the life of a pigeon who had got stuck on top of a TV aerial.

Gary told WalesOnCraic:

“The daft bugger had managed to catch his little foot on the aerial when he landed there. The poor little fella had been there for days. He couldn’t eat or drink anything because he couldn’t leave the aerial. I felt so sorry for him. I managed to climb on the roof and very slowly, I approached him, coaxed him off with a bit of bread, unhooked his foot and gently put him under my jacket.

“I’m a massive animal lover so I took him straight to the vet and paid for all his treatment. We set him free again last night and I was so happy to have helped save his life. Me and my missis celebrated by going to Nando’s and ordering the biggest plate of Piri-Piri chicken they do.”

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