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Man at snooker game explodes after straining to keep fart in for 4 hours

A snooker spectator has exploded after straining to keep a huge fart in for 4 hours.

Dennis Chubb from Bristol, was watching a match at the Masters Snooker Finals at Alexandra Palace. His wife was escorted from the match. She told WalesOnCraic:

“He’d been wanting to go to the snooker for weeks. I got him some tickets in exchange for a day shopping in Asda. We’d had a curry the night before and I knew it wasn’t a good idea. He was sweating during the match and kept telling me that he wanted to lift a cheek. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant and then just as one of the players was about to bat the ball, he exploded.”

Post-mortem tests showed that Dennis was struggling to keep a large fart in during the game. Snooker is renowned for its quiet audience participation.

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