M4 service station wins Award of Excellence for dogging facilities

CwmOnn Motorway Services car park on the M4 has been awarded a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, for services to dogging.

This national award is the first for any dogging site in the UK and puts Wales firmly at the top of the league as a destination for doggers.

This designation is given to establishments that have consistently achieved great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Establishments earning the Certificate of Excellence are located all over the world and have continually delivered superior customer experience.

Dai Hard, the Chair of the Welsh Tourism Alliance said:

“This is excellent news for Wales and will undoubtedly see an increase of visitors to Wales. CwmOnn is conveniently situated on the M4, for visitors to Wales from England and visitors return there after a holiday in West Wales and on the Gower. Wales needs to have a USP (Unique Selling Point) and maybe the future is in dogging.”

Dai added:

“It helps that CwmOnn Services has recently undergone a total refurbishment and doggers can have a meal, a toilet break and some fun. The facilities are completely new and fresh and the menu is good value. Wales has the opportunity of branding itself for the upmarket dogger from across the UK. The days are gone of dogging in a forest eating area, or a drab road in a rundown industrial estate.”

WalesOnCraic interviewed some doggers last night, after they fun in the car park. Louise Scraggycrotch from Bristol said:

“This is my first time at the revamped CwmOnn Services and it’s so welcoming. Nice clientele and nice cars. No X-reg Ford Fiestas here. I only go for the Audis and BMWs. We’ve also had a lovely meal here in the restaurant after and we might even go back for another romp, before continuing our journey to Aberaeron in Ceredigion. Wales is to be commended in taking the lead for doggers and it will bring in more visitors and the Trip Advisor Award is well deserved.”

Sean Jizznuts from London said:

“London has nothing like this facility. This is SO upmarket and I will be telling all my dogging pals. Wales is going to boom now we are going to leave the EU. People will be fed up queuing to get to France at Dover and will come to Wales instead.”

WalesOnCraic tried to contact the Welsh Government’s Culture Minister, but was unable to make contact. Apparently the Minister is visiting CwmOnn Services for a business meeting.

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