Loose Men to launch on Welsh TV

Wales on Craic can exclusively reveal that following a successful appeal by The Welsh Television Equality Council, ITV executives in Cardiff have been told that recent a law passed by the Welsh Assembly requires broadcasters to adhere to strict equality in TV output.

Sir Huw Snotworthy, the Head of TV Wales has said that the WTEC has told the broadcaster that the obvious programme that violates the law is the popular daytime show, “Loose Women”.

Sir Huw, speaking to WalesOnCraic says:

“TV Wales is taking seriously this change to the law and we will be introducing “Loose Men” as part of our Autumn schedule in Wales. As the law does not apply in the rest of the UK, Loose Women will continue to be broadcast every week day, as it has done for the last few years, so Welsh viewers on Sky can continue to watch it on ITV London channel. However, the Welsh Assembly are expected to give the Police powers to charge anyone in Wales, caught watching Loose Women when Loose Men is being broadcast. ITV Wales are planning to show Loose Women one day, Loose Men the next and then Loose Women the following day, and so on.”

WalesOnCraic understands that a few famous Welshmen have been approached to appear as panelists on Loose Men, including Rob Bryden, Ryan Giggs, Steve Jones, Jamie Owen, Shane Williams, Derek Brockway, Rhodri Morgan, Sir Terry Matthews and Derek The Weathersheep.

WalesOnCraic interviewed Amanda Slapperthorpe in Newport who said:

“It will be a great change to watch men laughing, pathetically at each other over dull stories like the colour of their wife or girlfriends’s panties, or who sleeps on the damp patch of the bed.”

David Jones, also of Newport said:

“I don’t watch Loose Women and have no intention of watching Loose Men, either, but it’s only right that television is required to be gender balanced in its TV programmes as I’ve always thought that Loose Women is a sexist concept. At last TV realises that there are men on this planet as well as women.”

The full line up of Loose Men is expected to be confirmed, but WalesOnCraic can confirm that Sir Tom Jones has ruled himself out, to the dismay of many of his fans. The first episode of Loose Men will be broadcast on TV Wales on Tuesday 6th September and is expected to discuss fanny farts and Gareth Bale’s manbun.

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