Llandudno Pier to be extended to The Isle Of Man

Llandudno Pier is set to be extended by over 60 miles to reach the Isle of Man.

The plans have been announced by Llandudno Council to enable visiting pensioners to stretch their legs.

Council spokesman Bryn Stockpot told WalesOnCraic:

“We often see the old dears, all roped together, surgical stocking flapping in the wind, and we always say that they have nowhere to go. By extending the pier 61 miles in a north-westerly direction, this will enable them to run free, all the way to the Isle of Man. In early summer, it’ll also allow TT racers to drag race to the Isle of Man, pensioners permitting of course.”

Critics have pointed out that the pier will be too long. Tommy Tinderbox said:

“I’m not walking sixty miles just to get a friggin ice-cream. I can get one perfectly well in Iceland if I wanted to thanks. This council has gone loopy.”

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