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That’s right – we’re giving away a FREE Ebook to everyone who signs up to our free Daily Digest. Derek the Weathersheep’s Autobiography – A Woolly Yarn sold by the bucketloads last year but you can have it free of charge, simply for subscribing to our Daily Digest.

What is a Daily Digest?
It’s just an email, sent to you, listing all our posts from the day before. Just in case you’ve been busy fishing or shopping.

Why Do You Want Our Email Address?
We prefer to have your email address simply because if we happen to post a picture of a bare arse on Facebook and they shut us down (which they would), we won’t be able to let you know what’s (not) happening in Wales.

Will You Keep It Safe?
We’ll keep your email address very safe indeed (we’ve got a special book that we write them all down in and keep under our mattress in a plastic Kwik Save bag) and we won’t give it to anyone else. Promise.

Can I Unsubscribe At Any Time?
If you want to, yes.

Who Is Derek the Weathersheep?
For the last few years, Derek has had a huge following on Facebook and Twitter. A Welsh celebrity in his own right, he’s a sheep who lives in Brecon, and provides daily weather forecasts for Wales via his website (when he can be arsed).

Why Would I Want His Autobiography?
It’s got a 5-star rating on Amazon. You’ll not read anything else like it.

Are There Pictures In It?

What Will I Receive Exactly?
You’ll receive two copies of A Woolly Yarn by email when you subscribe – one in a PDF format (which can be read on most devices or even your computer) and a file that’s suitable for Kindle. Choose which one you prefer and disregard the other one. We’ll aim to send you your ebook within 24 hours of subscribing.

I’ve Already Subscribed But I Haven’t Received Anything
Drop us a line at and we’ll send you your free ebook.

Can I Ask A Few More Questions?
No. Stop it. You’re getting on our tits now.


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