Lazy fucker spends 3 hours parking car near store entrance to save walking 10 ft

A North Wales woman has taken three hours to park her car to save her walking the extra 10 ft she would have had to have walked if she’d parked a little further away from the entrance to a superstore.

The lazy fucker performed a 694-point turn to get her Austin Maestro into a tiny space closer to the entrance rather than a very large space 10 feet further along.

Trolley collector Mike Heavyfoot told WalesOnCraic:

“I started my shift at 11am and by 2pm, the lazy fucker was still trying to get her posh car in. The daft thing was that there were shitloads of empty spaces not far away but that would have meant that she would have had to have walked an extra 10 feet or so.”

The woman emerged from the shop ten minutes after entering it.

“She only came out with a cucumber and a Fifty Shades of Grey DVD,” said Heavyfoot.

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