Labour: We’ll Restore The Price Of Space Raiders To 10p If We Get Voted In

Ed Miliband has pledged that Labour will restore the price of Space Raiders to 10p if Labour gets into power.

The Labour leader has been pulling out all the stops ahead of the General Election to shore up votes. His latest pledge comes days after telling Welsh voters that Labour will bring everyone breakfast in bed if they vote Labour.

A Labour spokesperson told WalesOnCraic:

“This country has gone to rack and ruin since we left power. Only yesterday, we saw inflation hit an all-time low of 0%. People are sick to the back teeth of Cameron and his cronies. We offer Britain, and Wales in particular, a new alternative. I’m not sure what they are yet – Ed’s working on that at the moment.”

For Welsh voters, Labour has also pledged:

  • Free shoulder massages
  • Sky Sports free for 3 months
  • Someone to come round and help single people change their duvet covers
  • Every day will be like Christmas Day
  • To invent a cure for hangovers
  • They’ll buy Tim Minchin a new pair of shoes
  • Free dental care for Nanny McPhee
  • Freeze the price of Freddos
  • Guarantee hot weather for the school holidays

Opponents have hit back at Miliband, saying that the fluctuation of the price of Space Raiders reflects the volatility of the underlying commodity prices, and that Labour will offer anything in return for a vote.

A Labour spokesperson said:


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