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Labour Party To Organise Piss-Up In A Brewery

The Labour Party is to organise a piss-up in a brewery ahead of its leadership election in September.

The event will be held at the All Credibility Gone Brewery in Pontypool.

A spokesperson said:

“We are very much looking forward to organising this piss-up. We are still in the early stages of preparation as we have to find someone to run our organising team. At the moment, we’re not sure who we want running it and how we’re going to make them leader. Hopefully though, we should be up and running soon so that we can look a little bit professional.”

Brewery boss Billy Big Belch told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re looking forward to it. We’ve heard that there are some high-profile celebrities on the invitation list – Jeremy Corbyn’s invited Kim Jong-Un and Lenin while Yvette Cooper has invited Erkan Mustafa, who played Roland in the popular long-running BBC children’s TV show, Grange Hill.”

Guests will be asked to bring their own drinks and £3.

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