Kwik Save Christmas advert fails to melt hearts

Kwik Save’s long-awaited Christmas advert has failed to make an impact on TV viewers.

The advert features a cow called Boxer, who gets jealous when all the other animals bounce on a new trampoline in his field.

Advertising executive Timmy Tinytoes told WalesOnCraic:

“Our advert hasn’t quite had the impact that we were hoping for. We thought we’d go down the animal route this year so we brought a few cows in, stuck a trampoline in a field and waited to see what happened. Sadly, one cow called Boxer got his fat arse on the trampoline and broke the bloody thing and that was the end of that.”

Boxer added:

“I was stuck in the barn and I could see all the other animals out there enjoying themselves. All I wanted was a little bounce but I’ve obviously eaten too many burgers and I broke. It’s nice to be famous but not nice to be famous for being a fat cow.”

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