Do you know your White Lightning from your Frosty Jacks?

Merthyr may have a proud culture of wearing white socks and signing on the dole, but now people in the town are being challenged to taste some of the world’s most interesting cheap ciders.

A cider tasting evening is being held at the back room of Y Dic Penderyn next month. All participants get a free mouthwatering four course meal cooked by local chef Jamie O’Git which includes a kebab made from dodgy meat, a bag of out-of-date wotsits, something that looks like the undercarriage of a frog and a handful of magic mushrooms.

Normal folk will be offered a selection of cheap ciders with local piss-head experts telling them which Spar shops they are bought it from. Guests at the autumn banquet will be served the cider with the labels taken off – so it will be down to their tastebuds.

The winning tasters will also have to guess the name and the price of the cheap cider which normally ranges from about £1.25 to £2.83 for 3 litres of the stuff.

Jamie, 35, a cob and chip chef in Abergavenny, said:

“I cooked at the recent Merthyr Food Festival and I was very surprised by the number of piss heads staggering out of Spoons and asking me for some nosh. I’m looking forward to seeing if people can tell the difference between a top quality cider like Bow and one from a budget range like ‘I Can’t Believe This Shit Isn’t Banned From The UK.”

Tickets for the plush event on October 11 are £2.67 which includes a selection of fine ciders, a meal prepared by Jamie and a massive scrap in the new square. The ticket price covers the cost of the extra police that will be called in.
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