KFC’s chickens found behind side of wheelie bin

KFC’s lost chickens have been found down the side of their wheelie bins.

Delivery experts DHL had left them in their ‘safe place’ after staff at KFC were out having a fag.

A spokesman for KFC said:

“We forgot that we’d designated the side of our wheelie bins as our safe place. We was all outside having a fag and talking about how the economic balance in the UK is going to be affected post-Brexit. We got so engrossed in our conversation that we didn’t notice that the DHL was outside with our chickens. He put them down the site of the bins, as we’d instructed and failed to notice the little note he’d left because we wrongly assumed that another piece of junk mail.”

Some KFC stores are now reopening so that fat people can get back to being happy. One customer said:

“I love eating dead birds. They’re lush, they are.”

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