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Justin Gatlin to replace Pat Phelan as TV baddie in Coronation Street

World champion 100 metre runner Justin Gatlin has landed himself a new role as a TV baddie in the UK’s favourite soap opera.

Gatlin impressed TV bosses with the amount of boos he got at last night’s 100m final, and will replace Pat ‘Pat’ Phelan in the autumn.

A TV boss told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re always looking for baddies in our show. First it was that guy who burnt down the Rovers. Then Pat Phelan turned up and did Les Dennis over. His story line has been dragging on a bit now so we thought we’d get some fresh blood in. Last night’s 100 metre final showed us just what a TV baddie should be. We were so impressed that he got a shitload of boos. We were even more impressed when he won the race and pissed over Bolt’s parade. It’s that kind of disrespect that we’re looking for. We’ve signed Gatlin up for a four week contract to start in the autumn. If he’s good, we’ll keep him on for another year.”

A spokesman for Mr Gatlin said:

“We can’t wait. Gatlin is a massive Corrie fan and this is the start of a new adventure for us.”

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