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Junior doctors protest called off after placards deemed illegible

A protest by junior doctors was called off today after their placards were branded illegible.

The junior doctors were moaning about the fact that the government is imposing new guidelines on the NHS. They decided to show how angry they were by standing around with some signs.

One onlooker said:

“It all went tits up from the moment they stepped out. No one knew what they were protesting about because all of their banners were hand-written in some kind of childish scribble. We thought it was a group of people protesting that it was too cold and I was going to throw them a quid or two to keep them happy but then I realised that they were chanting about the Home Secretary, who I’d seen on telly last night. In the end, I carried on shopping.”

Protesters cut short their protest in protest at the inferior quality of the handwriting on their placards. One protester said:

“What do we want? We want proper handwriting skills. When do we want them? As soon as possible.”

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