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Judge Judy confirmed as new Supreme Court judge

TV personality Judge Judy has been confirmed as the new Supreme Court judge in the US.

Judy will start work on Monday after previous nominee Brett Kavanaugh was found drinking beer and crying outside a bar.

A White House official told WalesOnCraic:

“President Trump’s inauguration was the BIGGEST, and I mean the BIGGEST inauguration that mankind has ever witnessed. Don’t forget that. We’ll all seen the fake photos of his small crowds but we were there and let me tell you, there were so many people stood in one place that it put Earth out of its orbit for a while. President Trump has done many great things and becoming President was one of them. Did you see how seriously he took his pledge? Man. There were so many people there. I don’t know how they all found restrooms to use.”

Asked about Judge Judy’s confirmation as new Supreme Court judge, the official said:

“Oh yes. Judge Judy’s been confirmed as the new Supreme Court judge.”

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