Six Nations 2018

John Inverdale to change his name to John England-Dale

Hunky rugby pundit John Inverdale is to change his name to John England-Dale by deed poll.

His name change will reflect his love for his favourite team and means that he can mention England in even more situations.

A spokesman for the BBC said:

“As we know, John is a big fan of England and he felt that his name didn’t reflect his passion for his favourite rugby team. Wales play France in the first Six Nations game but John wanted to make sure that England were represented by turning up and announcing very loudly that he’d changed his name to John England-Dale. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse because he now has to apply for a new passport to watch the England away games but on the whole, John is happy with his new name.”

England kick off their Six Nations against Ireland in Ireland on 2nd February. John won’t be there because he’s got a different name on his passport.

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