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Jeremy Corbyn: I Want To Nationalise The Weather

Jeremy Corbyn has hinted that he would nationalise the weather, given half the chance.

It comes as Prime Minister has published proposals for privatising the weather.

Leader of the Opposition Corbyn told WalesOnCraic:

“It makes sense to nationalise the weather because we, as a government, can extend greater control over the weather. With the weather coming under central government control, we can look to harness the weather in different parts of the UK when needed. It also means that we can run it at a loss and subsidise it heavily from the purses of rich people.”

Critics dismissed the idea, suggesting that Corbyn was just looking to nationalise the weather to meet his ideological and meteorological beliefs.

Tarquin Fwah-Fwah of the Conservatives said:

“What what? What’s all this tosh about Corbyn wanting to nationalise the weather? The man hasn’t got a clue how to run anything. What what? Now where’s my shotgun? I want to shoot some foxes.”
The weather continues to function at present without any ownership.

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