Ivanka Trump to open clothes stall in Cardiff Market

Ivanka Trump has announced that she will be setting up a clothes stall in Cardiff’s famous indoor market.

Mrs Trump has secured a stall in between a burger bar and a skanky woman selling mobile phone covers.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve had trouble here in the US as lots of people are boycotting my line of clothing. I thought I’d set up a stall in Cardiff Market where no one knows who I am. I’ve got a lovely spot right next to a burger bar which means I won’t have to shut up shop when I want some lunch – I’ll just pop next door innit? I’ve have the complete range of my clothing on display and people will be able to come in and pick up my latest lines. I’ll also be handing out leaflets to passers by because you can’t just rely on people coming into your shop – you really do need to go out there and engage with the customer.”

A spokesman for Cardiff Market said:

“We can confirm that we’ve secured a spot for Mrs Trump and she’ll be opening her stall once we’ve moved the current occupier out. Mrs Trump has told us that she’s been struggling to sell her stuff in the US because not many people like her but as long as we get our money, we’d let any old twat in.”

Mrs Trump will be selling jeggings, ski pants and thongs on her stall. All items will be £5 or under.

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