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To celebrate welcoming their ONE MILLIONTH visit to their website in just six months, the lads at WalesOnCraic have published all their viral stories in one lovely book.

‘I’ll Be Back…Now In A Minute’ documents all the news stories that have featured on the Welsh spoof news website since its launch in August last year.

Editor Royston Butterscotch said:

“We’re delighted to announce the publication of this book. At over 100 pages long, we were surprised at just how many stories we’d published online! It’s good to see them all in one place though and hopefully, we’ll bring a few smiles to some miserable-looking faces.”

WalesOnCraic publishes daily spoof news stories, usually based in Wales or on a Welsh theme. Despite its tongue-in-cheek humour, some visitors have taken the stories quite literally.

“We did have one woman email us asking us where she could get a Port Talbot Yankee Candle.” said Royston. “We thought that she was just playing along with the joke but it soon dawned on us that the really did want one. We’ve had other stories that have been picked up by local news outlets but it’s all in good humour. We never set out to make fun of anyone or offend. We just make up stupid stories to give people a bit of a chuckle.

“We were also delighted to have our foreword penned by top Welsh comedian Bennett Arron.” he added.

The book is priced at just £6.99 for the large paperback version, or £1.99 for the Kindle version



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