Irishman wins $1 million for twatting Brazilian man in the gob

An Irishman has earned $1 million for twatting a Brazilian man in the gob.

Dublin’s Conor McGregor punched Jose Aldo in a fight in America. Aldo fell to the floor and McGregor walked away with lots of money.

Aldo said after the fight:

“What happened there? One minute I was about to twat the Irishman and the next minute, I was on my arse. I want a rematch.”

Irishman McGregor said:

“We stood facing each other. He came up to me and punched me in the face. At the same time, I stuck one on him and then he fell down and I won. I’d like a rematch too so that I can double my earnings.”

McGregor will spend all of his winnings on new uPVC windows for his house. Probably.

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