Irish Fans Will Be Watching Rugby Replays Twice To Be Sure To Be Sure

Irish rugby fans will be demanding each reply at this weekend’s Six Nations game to be played twice to be sure to be sure.

Fans want to make sure that Welsh players don’t go cheating when the two teams meet tomorrow.

Fan Fergus O’Brendon O’Reilly told WalesOnCraic:

“We know the tort of tricks you fellas get up to – getting your ballboys to trow in balls from the sideline when he shouldn’t have – tat kind of ting. So we’ll be wanting to watch each replay twice to be sure to be sure so we will.”

Unbeaten Ireland take on beaten Wales at the Millennium Stadium, which will whether Wales have any chance of winning the Championship this year.

Welsh fan Blodywn ap Blodwyn said:

“We’ve got lots of Irish fans coming over for the game so we are going to show them who’s boss by singing a lot and wearing large daffodils on our heads. Hopefully, the Irish players will see and hear this and decide not to try and win the game.”

The match kicks off at 2.30pm tomorrow to be sure to be sure.

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