iPhone’s predictive texting forces Welsh speaker to emigrate

It is a poignant tale. Dai Chotomi from the Upper Rhondda announced on Facebook today – he calls it Chopsalotbook – that he is so fed up and frustrated by the predictive texting which cuts in when he is messaging friends and family in Welsh that he has decided to pack up and emigrate to Patagonia in the south of Argentina. He has distant relatives living there.

He told Craic today:

“I’m so blydi sick of it. I texted my cousin Eirwen in Bala last week and “Anwyl Eirwen” to her translated as “Annual Wanker”. I texted my brother on Thursday and ended the message with my usual message “Hwyl Fawr”. It translated to him as “Heil Fuhrer”. A couple of hours later my front door was crashed open and 12 big buggers dressed in black uniforms and helmets; they had machine guns and grenades. Accused me of being a Neo-Nazi terrorist subject to immediate arrest. Fortunately for me their commander was Welsh and spoke Welsh; he comes from Llanpwllfair.

“He understood my texting predicament and advised me that in Patagonia that so long as I can speak a bit of Spanish as well as Welsh I’ll have no problems in Patagonia. So I’m off to Buenos Aires on Tuesday, and then on to Trelew in a taxi. Brexit is the least of my problems now!”

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