Insolent Britain campaigners to target queuing pensioners

insulate britain

Campaign organisation Isolent Britain have said that they are looking to target elderly people queuing for their pensions to get their message across.

The group frequently target members of the public who have no influence over the decision-making processes in government to get governmental decisions made.

Leader Len Nobface told WalesOnCraic:

“We want to send a message to the British government so instead of going straight to the British government to deliver this message, we are prepared to target elderly people queuing for their pensions. This will really make the government sit up and take notice of our campaign, and will also win the hearts and minds of the British public. If this campaign doesn’t work, we’ll then considering taking kittens hostage and demanding ransoms for them. We must get our voice heard.”

The group are campaigning for more insolence in the UK, which they feel is lacking. They have so far targetted schoolchildren and disadvantaged members of society.

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