Ice Truckers start filming new series in South Wales

TV series Ice Truckers has started filming a new series in South Wales.

The series features truck drivers from Wales and began filming today in the South Wales valleys.

Driver Dai ‘Drive’ Hard who will be the main star of the show told WalesOnCraic:

“I do drive hard, even when it’s icy like innit? I don’t care me. If I hit a car, it’s tough shit because I drives a big fuck-off lorry so I’m not going to come off worse am I?”

Co-star Dan ‘Duckie’ McCarthy, said:

“You’re joking if you think I’m going out in that shit aren’t you? I have it bad enough with gypos trying to break into my trailer when I’m parked up having a brew thank you very much. I think I’ll just sit in my cab and flick through some grumble mags while I wait for the ice to melt.”

The new series will feature other truckers from across the nation, including Steve ‘The Dog’ Gubbins, whose trademark party trick is not going for a piss for 8 hours straight, as well as Geraint ‘Snake Hips’ Jones and Ricky ‘Rat’ McGinty.

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