Ice Bucket Challenge reaches Bedlinog

The infamous Ice Bucket Challenge has finally reached Bedlinog, nearly five years later than everyone else.

The ‘challenge’ involved putting some cold water on someone else’s head and erm…that’s about it.

A spokesman for Bedlinog’s Community Forum told WalesOnCraic:

“What it is, we’ve got this challenge wherebys we puts ice cold water on our heads. Not our own heads but someone else’s heads. Or head. What we do it put them in front of a camera and then pours cold water onto their head. Then we nominates someone else to do it so that they can do the challenge. This way, we can beat some poverty and other horrible things. It’s called Ice Bucket Challenge because some people put ice in their bucket of water. That makes it even colder because ice is colder than water. In fact, ice is frozen water which means that it’s really cold.”

The Ice Bucket Challenge first came to prominence in 2014. It became the internet sensation of the year and sparked a series of less successful crazes such as The Dog Shit Challenge and the 22 Press Up Challenge, where men dazzled their Facebook friends by doing 22 press ups – one after another.