Human shit added to E-cigs to make them taste more authentic

Human shit is to be added to e-cigarettes to make them taste and smell more like the real thing.

That’s according to a Welsh ‘vape’ shop owner Stephen Dork in Holywell.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“E-cigarettes have become very popular with people who want to look like twats. There are all sorts of flavours available yet no one has ever added that real cigarette flavour. I’ve decided that there is a real gap in the market for this so I’ve collected all my old turds for the last three months and I’ve started adding it to my e-cigarettes. I’ve labelled it ‘Shit Flavour’ and when I started selling it to the US, I’ll call it ‘Shit Flavor’ because they spell it different over there. Alan Sugar would be so impressed that I’ve considered the overseas market.”

Dork is also looking to add other forms of faeces to his e-cigarettes in the New Year.

“I want my customers to have that real authentic taste of turd in their mouths. Hopefully, it will make them smell of human faeces, just like real smokers do.”

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