Hospital bins confirmed as loudest on earth


Hospital bins have been voted the loudest on earth for the seventh year in a row.

Nurses and other members of hospital staff often use the bins just to wake patients up in the middle of the night for a laugh.

A spokesman for the Welsh Health Committee told WalesOnCraic:

“We are so proud that our bins are the loudest in the world. We very much enjoy pushing down the foot pedal really hard so that the lid comes crashing down when we’re doing with it. You should see some of the faces on the patients when they are so startled. some of our staff play games on the ward to see who can wake up the most people. We have one girl down in a Cardiff hospital who woke 124 people in just one night. This just goes to show the power that these bins have.”

Some of the bins have even woken some of those residing in the morgue.

“We’ll keep on improving on our design so that we can keep the title for next year.”

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