Honey G changes her surname to ‘I Shrunk Da Kids’

X Factor contestant Honey G has changed her surname by deed poll to ‘I Shrunk The Kids’.

She’s hoping her name change will help reach an older audience who have fond memories of the 1989 action adventure starring Rick Moranis.

Honey told WalesOnCraic:

“I was down wiv da bruvvers at da studio and dey said to me ‘Maaaan, you need to reach some older peeps if you’re gunna win this thing’. I went on da Google to see what was up and I comes across this movie called Honey I Shrunk Da Kids. I thought to myself, I’ll have a bit of dat so I moseys on down to my lawyers and sez ‘I wanna change my name to appeal to da older generation like. So he gives me dis form and I fills it in and da next fing I know, I’ve got myself anuvver surname. It seems to have worked so far like cos I’m still in da mix.”

A spokeswoman for X Factor says:

“People think that they are being clever and raging against the system by voting to keep her in. But why do you think we put her in there in the first place? Every time you vote for her, we get a shitload of money from you. Thanks”

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