Holyhead Woman Paints House And Watches It Dry While Watching Eastenders Last Night

A Holyhead woman who painted her entire house last night managed to watch it all dry while watching Eastenders last night.

Ethel Blundergut, decided to paint every wall in her 4 story town house while the latest episode of the London-based soap was showing. Ethel was wanting to find out who killed Lucy Beale.
She told WalesOnCraic:

“The show started and it was all a bit slow so I thought I’d get some paint out and do some painting. I got carried away and after what felt like 10 hours, I realised that I’d done the entire house. Ian Beale was still wandering around the set like some arsehole so I thought I’d sit and watch the paint dry instead. After it had dried, they finally announced who killed Lucy Beale. Then I went upstairs and shaved off the beard I’d appeared to have grown watching the show.”

The BBC has been dragging the ‘who killed Lucy Beale’ story out for 15 years now and last night’s show was the climax to the storyline. It was revealed that the dog that used to belong to Robbie Jackson was the killer because he was ‘wellard’.”

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