Hollywood duo change club’s name to Wrexham Soccer Club

Hollywood stars Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have made their first impact on their newly-owned football club by changing its name.

Wrexham Football Club will be known as Wrexham Soccer Club from next week and fans will be encouraged to whoop and high-five when cheering on the team.

A spokesman for the club told WalesOnCraic:

“It’s all change here at Wrexham. We couldn’t quite believe it when they said that they wanted to buy the club last year. It appears that they have been deadly serious about it and have in fact, now taken over as owners. What we didn’t realise was that in the contract, there were a few bits of small print that we skipped over because we were so excited. The club now has to change its name to Wrexham Soccer Club and fans will also be expected to whoop and high-five each other when we score. If we score. Our usual North Walian greeting of ‘Hiya’ will also have to be a ‘Heeeeeey’ from now on.”

Other changes are also expected, including cheerleaders before each game and a 5 hour entertainment show at half-time.

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