Hidden Russian microphones found in daffodils


Russian spies are listening in to Welsh life via hidden microphones in daffodils.

Their cover was only blown when a dog cocked his leg to piss on them and electrocuted himself.

The dog’s owner told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d been to Kwik Save to get myself some Malted Milks and I was on my home with my dog Tiddles when he decided to cock his leg up. He’s got a thing at the moment for pissing on daffodils so he up went his leg and the next thing I knew, there was a small boom and he shot 20ft up in the air. He landed several feet away and looked like he’d been frazzled. I investigated further and found that the daffs had wires on them. Attached to them were boxes and on the box, it read ‘Russian Spying Corporation’ so my guess is that it’s the Russians spying on us.”

Local police confirmed that the daffodils did have hidden microphones inside them and later confirmed that Russian spies were listening in on Welsh life.

PC Peter Plod said:

“We’re not sure what they’re going to find to be honest. We’ve done loads of secret surveillance of people around here and all we’ve picked up is what people are having for tea and who’s been banging who down the club. They won’t find much around here.”

Tiddles is recovering at home.

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