Here’s how to see tonight’s lunar eclipse

Tonight the moon will turn red in honour of Geraint Thomas, who currently leads the Tour De France. But how do you see it?

Experts have given their best advice to WalesOnCraic:

“Your best bet is to look up at the sky. That’s where the moon is traditionally located. If it’s going to do weird shit, that’s the best place to look.”
Dr Timmy CleverClogs, Cardiff University

“If I wanted to see the lunar eclipse, I’d look up at the moon. It’s up there in the sky. If you are outside, you simply tilt your head to look up. If you are inside, look out of the window.”
Prof Sheila Smartarse, NASA

“The best way to look at the lunar eclipse is to look at the lunar eclipse.”
Dr JR Hartley, University of West Bollocks and Fly-Fishing

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